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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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marines and two army soldiers while delivering aid to victims of the 7.3 after shocks. sergio quintana is the only bay area reporter in nepal with another helicopter flying to the wreckage. we will connect with him from katmandu at the top of the hour. can you get the latest by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> police are asking for help in finding a gunman who shot and killed a 17-year-old boy. his family held a vigil and is promising they will hold 13 more vigils over the next two weeks. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is at the police headquarters. amy? >> yes vallejo police say they sent the entire police department including their k-9 out to the murder scene looking for the killer. they called in the c.h.p. and they put two schools on lockdown. they have not announced any arrests. the teen, max rusk, was just
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posing for prom pictures and went to the prom last week. the girlfriend said he scraped the money together to resident the tux. he was slot and killed near his high school around noon yesterday. police have not made any announcement of any arrests or suspect information or a motive. at this time, the parents are saying they cannot believe their loss. >> a nightmare in the day and hope you wake up from it and you won't. >> never. >> max was a good kid. >> very good kid. robbed of his life. i will see him in my dreams. >> rends and relatives came out to the scene where he was killed to hold a vigil last night. his parents say they plan to do that every night for the next two weeks. they will call it "14 days of peace," and are begging young people to stop the violence. police are asking anyone with information to come forward to give them a call.
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thank you amy, a scare for united passengers flying from san francisco to los angeles last night. pilot was forced to declare an emergency landing on approach to lamb after noticing smock and electrical smell in the cockpit. at 165 passengers and crew, it landed safely and taxied to the gate. there is no word on what triggered the emergency. >> new details regarding the broken bart track that delays thousands of commuters for hours last week. the track could be among the larger batch of bad rails. according to the "san francisco examiner", bart is inspecting other sections of rail purchased from the same manufacturers at the broken rail. a 10" piece of broken rail was found between 16th and civic center at bart stations on wednesday causing a massive delay. officials say the section was installed in 2011 so it may not have been cause by normal wear and tear. >> first funeral is held for one
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of the first victims in the amtrak crash. the engineer has agreed to speak with investigators. "new york times" said bostian expressed concerns over safety. he said more should be done to prevent accidents. the amtrak c.e.o. said the railroad takes full responsibility for the crash. yesterday vest impairments say the train suddenly accelerated from 70 to 100 miles per hour in the final minutes. >> one of the victims is being remembered in the bay area for his generosity. abid gilani worked in san francisco until 2008 and lived in walnut creek. three and his wife were well-known in the community because they did so much for people in need. >> i lived in his house since 2008. he was a very good person. not just for us but for the whole community. >> they did dinners every month for the homeless.
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>> abid gilani and the family moved back east where he worked for wells fargo. >> and now an eye opening idea to ease the commute to san francisco. officials are looking to have vehicles drive the wrong way on the bay bridge and use the fast lane of the eastbound lanes from san francisco to oakland for buses and car poolers heading westbound. it would just be for the morning commute and is among several ideas being considered by committee led by the ftc. we will have more on the story at the top of the hour. >> weeks after an east bay high school baseball player lost his scholarship for making racial throughs caught on camera the two rival teams met again and as we report there was more on line than a league championship. pinole valley high school had no
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choice but to address the racial tensions at home plate. >> it is a big topic. >> two week after racial slurs caught on camera cost a player his college scholar settlement. >> i understand. he was wrong. he understands he was wrong. >> the teams met for the championship and the father spoke out. >> there is no way he could get through this unscathed. he has to learn a lesson. >> the lesson? perhaps two-fold: words have power. and they can be posted to social media which cannot be taken back. >> the season media created a wildfire around this so everyone had an opinion. >> conversations happening in person. >> we have to learn and grow in different ways. but it has been a good example and a stepping done for the school. >> and sportsmanship on-and-off the field. in berkeley for abc7
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>> federal officials in washington dc, arrested a man who tried to lunch a drone outside the white house fence. this photograph shows officers pinning the 39-year-old ryan mcdonald to the ground after the incident. it is not clear if mcdonald intended to fly the aircraft toward the mansion or if he was trying to take photographs of washington dc. the incident comes four months after an off-duty united states decision employee planned a drone on the white house lawn. >> the warriors are not looking past memphis to the finals and are focused on 9 potential series clenching game. >> they boston on wednesday taking the 3-2 lead and steph curry led the warriors out of a 13-point deficit in the first quarter and clamped down on defense holding the grizzlies to the lowest point total of the layoffs. >> if you want to watch the game with fellow fans, the warriors are hosting several official
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watch parties throughout the bay area, and some are in theater but most are in restaurants and bars. for a list of watch parties go to >> we will be in memphis for the game 6 with coverage from memphis and the bay area. you can watch the game on espn at 6:30 tonight. if necessary, game 7 will be back at oracle arena on sunday at 12:30 p.m. try here. >> warriors fans are the best in the nba and proving why online and these are just some of the many fan photos posted featuring your warriors photo on air and on our website at abc7 news cop. be sure to use the # you may see them on the air. >> that is a good time if you are taking your wife out for a romantic dinner do not go to a bar or restaurant with tvs it will not be quiet. >> your eye may wander.
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>> what? >> my wife does not like a wandering eye. >> not for a sports game. >> you that is what i meant. >> what is wrong with you two? it is about the tv. >> we are three or four degrees cooler than this time yesterday. if you head into san francisco, mild at 57. and west portal is 51 and ocean beach, sunny side 52 and downtown, crissy field, ferry building bayview, financial district, all 53 degrees. 48 in palo alto and american canyon and everyone el right around 50 to 52 degrees. this is how it looks in walnut creek where we have a few clouds across 680 which is more dry than yesterday. inland east bay is the warmest and we are still cooler than average at 64 to 70 and coast and san francisco is where the breezes are most aggressive. we will need the sunglasses an the bay at 60 to 68 degrees headed into the south bay and the north bay. speaking of south bay 7 and
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significantly more dry than yesterday. as we head through the weekend temperatures are staying below average and partly cloudy on saturday and sunday any on sunday and a chance of drizzle on monday. stay tuned. morning, everyone, as we look right new at the golden gate bridge i saw a couple of vehicles pass by into the toll plaza and it looks like traffic is nice and smooth this morning we have not seen the zipper truck and it appears we have only two lanes that are open in the southbound direction so we could start to see the zipper truck making its way and expanding the southbound lane. so far so good this morning. drive time traffic 580 tracy to dublin is 26 minutes. so far, friday light on highway four westbound antioch to concord 14 minutes and 101 southbound to san francisco is 18 minutes from san rafael. this weekend we have bay to breakers with big street closures in san francisco in south of market area and it will
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travel at 8:00 a.m. from market to hayes valley to ocean beach where it will end. mass transit will be re-routed and a last traffic impact. >> next caught on camera a san francisco street brawl between artists and scrape boarders in a violent encounter. >> the world loses the king of blues and we look back at the life of legend b.b. king. stay tuned.
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>> covering los altos, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> san francisco police are looking for would young men in connection with a violent brawl between skateboarders and vendors. it happened a week ago and was caught on video.
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skateboarder tell a vendor to put down an hammer and it escalates. one and punched in the face. part of the vendor scan was used in the fight. two vendors were taken to the hospital. brawl began when a dispute among the skateboarders video into the vendor area. >> happening today, in is memorial to honor peaces held in the line of duty including the unveiling of a new black in memory of san jose police officer michael johnson who was killed after being ambushed by a suicidal man in march. the memorial is underway at noon at the county her office headquarters. >> the music industry is mounting the loss of blues legend b.b. king who died in las vegas. he was in hospice scare. we look back at his life and career.
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>> a lot of people think when you play blues it is because you are blue. i can play blues and feel better because it is a tonic for whatever airlines you. >> more than anyone b.b. king kept the blues alive a music born in southern black culture, nurtured in pain but also brimming with good humor and b.b. king mastered it. >> i don't think there is any blues man better. >> he is the greatest guitar player that ever lived. >> the blues guitar legend was born riley b. in a segregated mississippi delta area in 1925. he worked on a cotton plantation from early boyhood. >> i am proud of those days working on a farm. >> an uncell changed his life when he gave him his guitar the when he was 20 he moved to memphis and was a deejay and blues boy king sang and played
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guitar and soon he was discovered got his own record contract and blues boy became b.b. ♪ the they will is -- the t is gone away great me ♪ >> always by his side is his guitar. lucille. >> only girl i had that never argued. >> there were other women. he fathered 15 children by 15 different women while still hitting the stage more than 200 times a year. he layed for audiences an the world including presidents. >> my neighbor and friend from mississippi, b.b. king please come up. he presented lucille to the pope and received numerous awards grandmother miles and the presidential medal of freedom all for playing the blues like no one else. the music b.b. king said really is the story of life.
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>> if you watch him carefully you will notice over the years he never could sing and play the guitar at the same time so when he was singing he would stop playing. >> interesting. i have been to his restaurant in memphis and saw the blues playing all time. >> now we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and our weather. looks like we have a mild weekend. >> cooler than agency but nothing like yesterday with a nice soaking and some of us have showers in the high country sliding south away from us. right now it is calm. other than the 60 miles per hour wind in fairfield which is showing onshore breeze again. the winds will pick up as we head into the afternoon right new, five miles visibility in santa rosa and fog developing tomorrow morning in that area.
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as far as the morning commute is that the only thing to worry about. here is a look at afternoon temperatures, we will have partly cloudy conditions and mid-to-upper 60s and we will be 67 in cupertino. millbrae at 59. along the coast we will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s in the downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and autopsy to bodega bay and taking the trip up to the wine country take a light jacket. low-to-mid 60s along the east bay shore and fremont and castro valley at 64. headed to livermore, that is closer to your neighborhood 67 and light jacket is needed. mid-60s to upper 60s for most of our inland east bay neighborhood and brentwood is 70. tonight, we have drizzle possible along the coast and fog possible in the north bay valley and slightly cooler and mid-40s to low 50s.
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here is what happened 10-12 hours ago and what will happen in the future: this will slide away from us. as it does, cooler more dry air will rush in behind it and that is what will happen clear some of the morning clouds out this afternoon. then we will have breezes that will taper on saturday and a little bit on sunday and there is a slight chance of drizzle again on monday and that could linger into the afternoon hours. have a good weekend. leyla? >> we are starting here with the golden gate bridge and traffic is still move nicely headed into san francisco, northbound side, not going to be a problem. this will be the site big traffic headaches, the last weekend of may when doyle drive will close down in san francisco for road work and finishing touches that connect presidio and golden gate bridge and marina. traffic is manageable but you
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are urged to not use highway one but mass transit or bay bridge. >> now, we have san jose looking decent with the exception of construction areas. 280 to 880, the interchange, that is where we have crews out there, always slow for the cone zone. a wide picture of the south bay shows green so we are at top speeds on 101 and 280 and 85. >> 4:49. apple watch owners you could have a security flaw in your device. >> a security bug in the apple want according to a technical blog if someone steals your device it is easy to reset to be paired with a different iphone. >> experts say that could make the apple watch more attractive to thieves. >> a stand against cyberbullying, with a new antiharassment policy encouraging anyone who is being subjected to demeaning comments
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to contact the company and report the attacker. >> a study by microsoft said the average human attention span is now less than than of a goldfish. >> it is because of technology. the study said most of us loose concentration after eight seconds and gold finish manage nine. the more scenes we have going at a time the harder it is to filter distractions. >> so most of us watching did not pay tax to what we had to say. those the tech bytes. >> lt. governor newsom has a big speech to deliver with help he wants. from you. >> healthy handshake could mean more than a good first impression and what it fells you about your heart health. stay tuned.
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>> a south bay business has been hit by vandals three times in two months. the owner things it could be because the type of business. each time, someone has thrown rocks into the store. crystal wons the company and believes she could be targeted because her store is for plus-sized women. police say we there have been a number of similar incidents in the area. >> the lt. governor is asking facebook follow wees to give ideas of what to say to the san francisco state graduates. >> i need your help. i am serious. it is not a written speech but it will come off the cuff so i need relevance, something tangible and real so i cannot bore tens of thousands of people. >> the commencement speaker for the university graduation ceremony next friday at at&t park. >> now a look at the weather forecast.
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>> heading to the weekend how does it look mike? a dry forecast and breezy and cooler than agency, the case tonight at the coliseum with the white house in town dropping to 54 under partly cloudy sky. we have showers long the high country and flooding ran is possible around san diego so if you are headed down there or los angeles it is going to an wet afternoon with mid-to-upper 60s and low-to-mid 70s through the central valley and 61 and breezy in monterey and clouds in lake tahoe and 44 are we expect 2-4" of snow above 6,500' and 7" above 7,500' through 10:00 this evening. at home here is leyla. >> we have 33 bart trains on time if you are thing of letting someone else do the driving no delays on ace train one. southbound 680 heading out of pleasant hill to walnut creek you will find a clear commute.
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as we take you to gilroy however, we do have a new accident involving a trailer and westbound side of highway 152 east the parkway, it is blocked. you have eastbound traffic is good but westbound a severe traffic advisory. the post office has immediate job openings in the greater san francisco bay area and you can apply online. the positions are city carrier assistance in the san francisco postal district from sunnyvale north to eureka. you must be 18 or 16 with a high school diploma. >> california entrepreneur is suing uber saying the founders and several investors stole the idea filing suit in san francisco superior court yesterday. the filmmaker claims the c.e.o. stole the idea for a real time
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self based car service from the starup three founded in 2003. he contends the company has lost $1 billion and uber said the claims are baseless. >> forget cholesterol levels or blood pressure, researchers say a handshake could be best indication of heart health. doctors in ontario, camera found reduced grip strength was linked to heart attacks and stroke. 140,000 people were followed for 4 years for every 4 percent decline in grip strength there was an increase in cardiovascular death. it is unclear what factors are related to the muscle strength. >> searchers in nepal spot the wreckage of a missing united states helicopter. at 5:00 a.m. we will hear from our reporter sergio, quintana the only bay-area reporter there about the difficult challenge getting to the wreckage.
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>> criticism crews at candlestick are getting pus of the drought. >> we leave you with abc7 news now and a picture of the eastern span of the bay bridge with traffic moving along. so far, friday light. stay
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in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning at 4:59. on friday. headed for the weekend. thanks for joining us. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am matt keller. >> we had a wild thursday with the weather department. >> rain. and hail.
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a wild ride in the south bay. a good storm. as well as advertised. live doppler hd shows no need to worry about that this morning. we wake up with clouds and you can see the breaks great emeryville to san francisco. the day planner is mid-40s to low 50s. through 7:00 hour. and the clouds open up by noon and mid-50s at the coast and mid-60s inland and breezy and bright are by 4:00 and mid-50 to mid-60s. grab a coat this evening but no need to worry about rain. >> on the roads on this friday morning. >> we are incident free with the exception of gilroy with severe traffic alert on 152 because of a tractor trailer that hit a center divider. in san jose, 87 is a gates drive headed near the shark tank. southbound traffic barely there. as we move to the bay bridge toll plaza a great drive coming in from the macarthur maze and hopefully friday lite conditions will persist


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